Dear Members and Friends of God’s Battalion of Prayer Church,

We greet you with the grace and peace of our Father God, and our Master, Jesus Christ.

As children of the Most High God, we find ourselves with an extraordinary opportunity to increase the impact of our church in the community. It is our delight to commit our time, talents and resources to the vision as we launch the “Bridge to the Future” campaign.

The Campaign provides an exceptional opportunity for the Body of Christ to unite all of our God-given gifts and resources, as we reach out to our community in a unique way. This will give us the opportunity to reach the lost, train believers and serve the poor; so all can experience His great love.

The commitments that will be made during this campaign are vital to the future of our church and its mission of reaching the lost, and fortifying the body of Christ. We encourage everyone to do their part, above and beyond expectations, maximizing potential, and making an eternal investment in the Kingdom of God.