Why are we doing a Capital Campaign?

The Spiritual Need: the need of the giver to give is to advance the Kingdom of God. Every gift received will help build the faith of the believer to trust God beyond his/her expectations; since this is a sacrificial gift and requires the believer to trust God to enable them to give beyond their normal giving. We know that there will be awesome testimonies of God’s provision during this campaign.

The Financial Need: to ensure that God’s house is in excellent condition, to create an atmosphere where all feel welcomed and can receive a life changing and transformative worship experience.

What guarantees do I have that my giving will not be used for private or personal ventures?

All funds collected by the church will be used only for church-related purposes and cannot be used for any personal or private ventures. Likewise all funds collected for the Campaign will be used for the items indicated in the Campaign goals. The Steering Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the funds are used for the intended campaign goals. State and Federal laws govern how church funds are allocated.