Educating Our Young People

Our school, Battalion Christian Academy, is committed to providing academic excellence in a safe, nurturing and Christian environment that encourages the development of the whole child.

Battalion Christian Academy is a Christian school located in the East Flatbush community of Brooklyn, New York. Students are accepted for Grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5. The school offers an enriched and rigorous academic curriculum based on New York State Learning Standards with a strong focus on the arts, technology, science, and Christian education. Students also receive instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education. The teachers use various instructional and grouping strategies to differentiate the instruction to meet the needs of the students. The questioning techniques that the teachers use to engage the students are based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Studies Test while Grade 4 students participate in the New York State Science Assessment. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 participate in the Metropolitan Achievement Tests in Reading, Mathematics, and Language Arts. The teachers use the results of the assessments to drive their instruction. The results of the assessments are given to parents.

Help us to continue to educate our young people - "A Place Where All Students Achieve"